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Need For Cash Advance

It's understandable how it’s not always easy to wait for your case to settle and it’s even more difficult to wait for the finances when you’ve been injured and your bills are piling up. Whether you need cash to pay rent, settle mortgages, buy groceries or need to continue the medical treatment, you can rest assured that there are trusted firms that has an option for you.

A personal injury litigation can go on for months and sometimes years. Referred to as a litigation or lawsuit cash advance, is a way to receive immediate cash for structured settlement payments pending the outcome of a legal action.

The clients most commonly are encountering legal cases surrounding:

•    Defective drugs
•    Defective medical devices
•    Motor vehicle accidents
•    Personal injury
•    Product liability
•    Premises liability
•    Medical malpractice
•    Worker injury and workers compensation
•    Wrongful death

Lawsuit settlements are undoubtedly valuable assets. So, when you need cash at the moment to meet immediate economic needs, you may be eligible to receive a cash advance of a certain figure against your future structured settlement payments. Once the case is settled, as a funder, they will reclaim this money, along with the fee for the services.

Since these funding is not a loan, you are not compelled to repay the company or the firm that provides you the pre-settlement funding, even if you lose your case. For this reason, this funding is considered a form of non-recourse funding. This is part of the risk that companies will presume in providing pre-settlement funding.

Why is it getting popular?

The following are the main reasons why victims have opted for the funding:

•    application and approval process is fast, simple and hassle-free
•    get the treatment you need including consultation, MRI, physical therapy and more
•    no upfront fees and no interest is charged

Elevant Finance Group LLC is a provider of some of the best alternative funding options for not just the law firms but also for small businesses and consumers. Call today at 855-240-0246 or visit elevant.finance to find solutions to problems and fund growth in various ways.


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